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The Woodbridge Flyer February 2023

In this month’s edition of  The Woodbridge Flyer February edition. We hear from the Woodbridge Town Council. We also hear about many upcoming events at Woodbridge Library as well as an update from Woodbridge Swifts.  We also have news from local schools, groups and clubs.

The Woodbridge Flyer February 2023

Woodbridge Swifts News February


Woodbridge Swifts is going from strength to strength and we now have a new team:

Jenny James: general information and publicity:

Laurence Potter: nest box sales: 07860 549 366

Nick Marshall: recording swift nest sites:

Jenny Rawson: will join us soon.

Eddie Bathgate: SOS Swifts, For swifts throughout Suffolk

However, we are always looking for more help with nest boxes, administration and recording. Please email if you would like to help swifts in Woodbridge.

We are also looking for more people who work with ladders, to put up nest boxes for us. We are happy to pay for the service. So, if you know any window cleaners, roofers and tilers, TV aerial installers, chimney sweeps etc who might be prepared to help please email Laurence at

The SOSSwifts WhatsApp group is a very good way of being involved with Swifts and being kept up to date here in Suffolk. To join please send your mobile number to Eddie Bathgate 07368 334520 or to

SOSSwifts’ aims are to preserve then expand existing nest colonies throughout Suffolk and to create new ones. We are here to help you help Swifts throughout the county.

Swift nests summer 2022: results from Nick Marshall:

Woodbridge Swifts has been monitoring swift nest sites in Woodbridge since 2016. Swift numbers in the UK have halved over 20 years and swifts are now red listed. So it is increasingly important for us to know where the swifts are nesting so that we can protect these sites.

The exceptionally hot weather for a few days in July did cause some overheating issues for some nests, but the overall good weather and consequential high availability of insects seem to have contributed to a successful year for swifts in Woodbridge.

We have recorded a total of 48 nest sites in the town, about half in roof spaces and half in nest boxes. This is roughly a 10% increase on 2021. There are some other sites which have been used in recent years, on which we don’t have reports for this year but which may also have been occupied. Please send Nick any new records or observations of nesting swifts from last year. This data is entered on the SBIS Swifts website and is available to East Suffolk Council planners for use when carrying out ecological assessments for planning permission applications.

Sales of Swift Nest Boxes:

We have records of 185 swift nest boxes in Woodbridge, 23 in Melton and 6 in Bromeswell, most of which we have supplied, since 2016.

We have Model 30 nest boxes for sale constructed from 12 mm ply by John Stimpson for £25.00. This is very good value and they are tough and durable boxes. A white reflective uPVC double-thickness roof, is designed to resist both rain and sun, so the box can be placed on south facing walls. The boxes come with a nest concave inside at the end away from the entrance.

Contact Laurence by phone or email for details and to make a purchase.

Nest box cameras:

This summer more people have added cameras to their nest boxes. It has added hugely to their enjoyment and understanding of swift nesting, and chick rearing, and well worth the effort and cost of the installation.

Sound Systems:

We continue to emphasise the importance of playing swift calls. The chances of swifts finding your nest boxes increase greatly if they hear swift calls coming from a potential nest site.

Contact us for information about cameras and sound systems

Jenny James