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The Martlesham Flyer June 2023 edition 

In the June edition of the Martlesham Flyer. We share the June update from Martlesham Parish Council with an update. Also we hear from Martlesham in Bloom. And we also hear from other local groups.

Martlesham Council June edition



Brightwell Lakes Update

Members of Martlesham Council attended a Brightwell Lakes Community Forum meeting on 6th April. The Forum gives councillors from nearby parishes the opportunity to meet with the developers Taylor Wimpey, Concilio Communications, and members of the East Suffolk Council planning team to discuss the latest developments on site.

The April Community Forum considered a short list of 23 names compiled by the ESC officer who deals with place names. ESC has a list of street naming and numbering procedures, and naming protocols, available to view online at A decision was taken to call the main spine road, ‘Auster’, after the aircraft manufacturer. Auster aircraft has a long distinguished history starting with its formation as British Taylorcraft in 1938 and ending with its absorption into Beagle Aircraft in 1960.

Other names selected for phase one of the development were Armstrong, Blackburn, Siddeley, Tizard, Sherren, Morse, Hey, Philips, Stevens, Paterson, Hammond, Jones, Faraday and Babbage.

Housing phase E1 will consist of 122 dwellings in total, 36 being affordable. Building is expected to start in June 2023 with the first show home opening in November 2023 and the first legal completion taking place in May 2024.

Housing phase W1 will consist of 195 dwellings in total, 80 being affordable. The show open is expected to open in March 2024, with the first legal completion in November 2024.

Discussions at the next Forum in September are expected to centre round the provision of sports pitches, the school and the allotments.

We now have details from the developer regarding the expected delivery of new homes. By 2030, 647 homes are expected to have been completed and by 2040, 1647 homes. The full number of dwellings, (2000) will not be delivered until 2044.

Updates on the A12 junction works and further information can be found at:

Tree of the Month – Native Black Poplar (Populus nigra subsp. betulifolia)

This black poplar can be found near the water’s edge at Martlesham Recreation Ground. The leaves are shiny, green and heart-shaped with a mild scent of balsam. The tree takes its name from its grey-brown bark, which, as it ages, often appears black, fissured, gnarled and covered with distinctive burrs. According to the Woodland Trust, the native black poplar is now officially rarer in numbers than the giant panda. The black poplar has separate male and female trees. It is estimated that there are only 7,000 black poplars left in the UK, of which 600 are female.

Policies and procedures

An important and often interesting part of the Council’s work is regularly reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure that the Council runs smoothly. We have recently reviewed our Equality and Diversity Policy which sets out how the Council creates a safe and inclusive environment for all those who work here. There are many and varied opportunities for our councillors to get involved with similar writing and reviewing tasks throughout the Council year.

Forthcoming meetings

Parish Council – Wednesday 7th June 2023     

Development, Environment & Transport Committee – Wednesday 14th June 2023

Please note that Parish Council meetings will be held in the Parish Room, Felixstowe Road, Martlesham, IP12 4PB. All meetings start at 7.30pm and are open to the public, who are welcome to ask questions or make comments to the council during a public forum.


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