June ’19

Writers invited to seek inspiration on Orford Ness

On 6 June 2019, the National Trust is offering writers exclusive access to Orford Ness National Nature Reserve for a writing day in the company of National Trust Rangers and local landscape writer and writing tutor Liz Ferretti.

Orford Ness provides an inspirational setting for writers. The sound of the waves on the shingle, waders calling on the estuary, and the wind blowing through the decaying military buildings make a day on the Ness an unforgettable experience.

“If you want inspiration for poetry of place, the setting for a new novel, or film script, or want to explore nature writing, Orford Ness has everything you need,” says workshop leader Liz Ferretti, who, until recently, lived overlooking the enigmatic pagodas of the ex-Atomic Weapons Research Establishment on the Ness. “Orford Ness is a place of edges, with whispers of the Cold War, but it is also a place of incredible beauty with rare migrant birds and delicate shingle plants. This workshop is designed to help writers get under the skin of this enigmatic setting,” she adds.

“Orford Ness is one of the UK’s most evocative wild locations and its complex story provides rich pickings for writers.” says David Mason from the National Trust. “We’ve run popular photography days for a number of years but we’re now looking forward to spending time with writers to see what stories they can draw out from the landscape, history and human endeavours that have shaped Suffolk’s Secret Coast,” he concludes.

The workshop takes place on Thursday 6 June 2019. Spaces are strictly limited and must be booked in advance. The day will include guided exploration of the site and participants are strongly encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes and dress for a day in the open.

For more information and to book visit www.nationaltrust.org.uk/orford-ness-national-nature-reserve or email orfordness@nationaltrust.org.uk