Western British Archaeology in the Age of Sutton Hoo

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Sutton Hoo Society Basil Brown Memorial Lecture
Saturday 28 April 2018, 11:00 am, The Riverside Theatre, Woodbridge

At Llangadwaladr on Anglesey is the Latin inscribed tombstone of King Cadfan of Gwynedd which commemorates him ‘as the wisest, most illustrious of all kings’. He died around 625 and was therefore a contemporary of King Raedwald of the East Angles. This lecture, by Nancy Edwards, Professor of Medieval Archaeology at Bangor University, will explore aspects of the archaeological evidence for western Britain, especially Wales, during the sixth and earlier seventh centuries, a period of kingdom formation, as it was in Anglo-Saxon England. It will examine how people lived as well as the roots of Christianity in the Roman past and the rise of the Church.

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Megan Milan

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The Riverside Theatre
IP12 1BH