Parndon Mill Open Studios

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20/07/2019 - 21/07/2019

In this idyllic riverside setting, thirty studios offer an insight into the creative process.

The amazing diversity of talent and skills nurtured at Parndon Mill will be on view during the Open Studios event. As well as painting and sculpture, skilled craftwork in glass, weaving, calligraphy, guitar making, ceramics, textiles, jewellery, printing and metalwork can be seen. There will also be an insight into architectural skills and the work of graphic and product designers.Opportunities to “have a go” at many of the crafts will be offered. Glass blowing is especially exciting and can result in taking away a bauble or a vessel.

In the Art Play Tent for children, Deana Kim Page will invite every child at any age to join her ART ANGELS to express themselves creatively.

It will be a privilege to listen to Richard Ove Stokkereit playing one of David Rouse’s classical guitars in his studio from time to time during the weekend.

Refreshments including a barbecue and home made

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Sally Anderson

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01279 426042

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Elizabeth Way
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