Chroma City

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08/08/2019 - 15/09/2019

Paintings by Debbie Ayles
Ceramics by Michele Connell

Debbie Ayles presents a painterly exploration of the myriad patterns found in architectural landscapes. Her paintings include all the shadows, reflections, sunbursts, clouds, people and chance elements, blending and blurring each aspect to create structural harmony, at once figurative and abstract.

The paintings are complemented by ceramics by Michele Connell. For this exhibition, she has used rich imagery on each of her press-moulded bowls working with red earthenware decorated with sgraffito, slip and underglaze oxide colours.

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Sally Anderson

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The Gallery at Parndon Mill, Elizabeth Way Harlow CM20 2HP
The Gallery at Parndon Mill
CM20 2HP