The rules governing copyright

Don’t get caught out by the Copyright Bots

The rules governing copyright

Each month we aim to give you tips on the best way to market your business. This month we are also offering you a word of caution.

As publishers of both magazines and also printed material we are well aware of the rules governing copyright infringement. However our advertisers might not be.

If you see an image on line which you like the look of it is tempting to think about downloading it and using it in your next advert. Think about Rules governing copyright. However there are strict rules and regulations, which as responsible publishers, we ensure our advertisers don’t fall foul of. We invest in professional artwork production and have a large library of photographic images we can use for our advertisers.

The reason we do this is, as the advertiser, you could be held responsible for the unlawful use of an image and it can incur a hefty fine. Think about Rules governing copyright. For example Getty who is a global supplier of stock images for business and consumers with an archive of 80 million still images can check if you use one of their pictures.

If you happen to download an image from Google and it’s one of Getty’s images they have a couple of pixels missing which is a special pattern, rather like a tiny QR code. This code is picked up online by special Bots from Getty who are searching and when they find these codes, they will send you a legal letter fining you for using their image.

So what exactly is the  Rules governing copyright? Copyright is granted when an image is created. It does not need to be registered to exist. Generally the photographer who took the images owns the photograph and all the rights to make money out of it. Image libraries buy up images from photographers and then charge a royalty for the use of the image.

Not all image libraries charge but the vast majority who have professional imagery do. So if you are planning on a new advert, or advertising campaign talk to us about creating you some individual artwork with images. We don’t charge our clients for our artwork production. We have a team of skilled individuals here at the Flyer Magazine with many years’ experience who would be happy to sit down with you to create an advert which works brilliantly for your business.
Don’t forget the Flyer Magazines are also the only free magazines in this area with a full time distribution staff dedicated to delivering the Flyer magazines. To find out about our free design service for your next advert and some of the most cost-effective advertising do call us on 01394 211461 or email We can also help you with super-fast printing at a competitive price – 5 days a week. Take a browse through all of our magazines which are also available on line each month via our website

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