Advertising requirements.

When real-time experience counts

Advertising requirements.

Each month we aim to give you ideas of how to make your advertising pound work harder. We’re also aiming to make you more marketing-savvy when it comes to where you should be advertising and how to do it.

Last month we covered checking with your publisher just where their magazines are actually being delivered and also verifying just how many are out there in front of your potential customers. After all there’s little point paying a ‘bargain’ price for an advert which very few people are actually going to see!
Your relationship with your publisher should be more than just an advert collection service. If they have years’ of experience that’s to your advantage. On this be aware of those purporting to have ‘many years’ experience in the industry’ when they’ve only been trading for a short while.

Here at the Flyer press if we added up all of our individual years of experience as a team then yes we could say we have over 500 years of experience but we don’t think that’s fair to our customers. What really counts is how many years that publication and the team who run it have actually been in business. That way you can be sure you really are getting the very best marketing advice from a solid company with many years working with customers and their advertising requirements.

Think to yourself when accepting ‘advice’ from your publisher:-
A) How many years have they been trading?
B) Do they have your business interests in mind?
C) Have they given you a plan of marketing that actually works with intelligent use of artwork and regular editorials?

Established in 1997, next year the Flyer celebrates 20 years of publishing the Flyer Magazines. This incredible insight into the local market cannot be taught. That’s 20 genuine years of helping clients trade through a financial crisis, advising them through seasonal conditions, and also helping to come up with ideas to match changing customer trends. This knowledge also gives us the advantage of hindsight for new customers and when planning the next marketing campaign for our many loyal, existing customers. Last month we also touched on the price you are paying for your current advertising and how you can work out if it’s a fair price. Our Advertising Tips are not only printed each month in our Flyer Magazines which now cover eight separate issues:- Felixstowe, Ipswich, Kesgrave, Woodbridge, Colchester, Brightlingsea, Sawbridgeworth and Bishop’s Stortford, you can also read them on line at which is where you’ll also find online copies of our past Flyer Magazines – making your advertising work even harder!
Don’t forget the Flyer Magazines are the only free magazines in this area with a full time distribution staff dedicated to delivering the Flyer magazines. To find out about our free design service for your next advert and some of the most cost-effective advertising do call us on 01394 211461 or email We can also help you with super-fast printing at a competitive price – 5 days a week. Take a browse through all of our magazines which are also available on line each month via our website

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