Readership verses delivery

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Readership verses delivery

Last month we talked about checking the number of magazines which are actually being delivered by the publication before you choose to hand your hard-earned money over.

We distribute 83500 Flyer magazines each and every month. We also explained what the difference is between the Readership figure quoted and the Distribution figure – if you’d like to go back to a previous copy of my Tips for Advertisers you can find them on line at Readership verses delivery.

This month I thought I’d give you some tips on making your advertising pound stretch that bit further. So following on from last month’s tips on readership verses delivery of the publication you choose to advertise in.

There’s nothing wrong with asking the publisher where they are delivered and then asking some of the businesses in that area if they regularly receive their copy. Also one point which is often missed is asking is this a monthly magazine or delivered perhaps quarterly?

You’ll need to know this to guide you as to what to put into your advert. There’s no point putting in a November sale advert in a magazine which is going to still be lying there in December or even January.

So do bear that in mind when writing the copy for your advert. Does the publication also have an in-house design team who will come up with ideas for your advert for you free of charge? Or are you expected to create your own advert including the artwork for your logo and all the wording yourself?

Has the magazine you are advertising in got a good ratio of editorial to adverts? Ultimately you’ll get response from your advert if it’s placed in a magazine which is actually read from cover to cover by interested readers. If it’s pages of advertising or the stories don’t have a local theme to them you’ll find you’re actually advertising in little more than a directory – when’s the last time you sat down and read one of those?!
Finally let’s look at price. What you are actually paying for the advertising space? It needs to be a fair price and one which works for you. i.e. one which keeps you within your budgets and also produces results by way of more clients and business so that you can happily continue to advertise whilst seeing your bottom line increase.

Here at the Flyer we are also printers as well as magazine publishers so we are very aware of how much printing costs. We don’t use a third party to print for us and we also have our own skilled in-house design team, ready and happy to work on your next advert. Finally a word of warning – if you do use a publication who has to outsource their printing but their prices are still extremely attractive you will find they are probably not printing or delivering the figure they are quoting you – all that glitters and all that!
Don’t forget the Flyer Magazines are the only free magazines in this area with a full time distribution staff dedicated to delivering the Flyer magazines in each of the eight titles we produce each month. That’s eight unique magazines being delivered by our full time staff each month to:- Felixstowe, Ipswich, Kesgrave, Woodbridge, Colchester, Brightlingsea, Bishop’s Stortford and Sawbridgeworth. To find out about our free design service for your next advert and some of the most cost-effective advertising do call us on 01394 211461 or email

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