Distribute 83500 Flyer magazines

Adrian Bradshaw Co Founder of the Flyer Magazines

Adrian Bradshaw Co Founder of the Flyer Magazines

Last month we talked about the areas we cover with our Flyer magazines and how you can pick and choose between all of our titles.

This allows you to pick and choose where you advertise and therefore reach different customers from different areas. This month we thought we’d explain a bit more about numbers of magazines delivered.

This is important to consider with any of your advertising. It doesn’t matter that you have a brilliant placement of your advertisement in a publication if hardly any of the magazines or newspapers you advertise in are actually delivered.

This is sometimes overlooked when booking an advert with a new title. You need to ask what is the actual distribution figure – and is that figure quoted still current?

We distribute 83500 Flyer magazines each and every month. You often find that you’ll be quoted a readership figure rather than the actual number of magazines, or newspapers delivered to homes.

This is because this figure is higher. It’s assumed in publishing, that more than one person will read a title, usually at least 3 people per copy. Therefore the readership figure is normally three times higher than the distribution figure. Especially if it’s a free publication like the Flyer.

Therefore as we deliver to not only homes but local libraries, leisure centres, café’s and bars and our readership is 250,500 readers. It’s that high because, even though we are an independent publishers, we target areas where we know people will sit for a while with a coffee and browse through our stories.

This is why we love to include your news each month. We know that the longer someone spends enjoying their Flyer magazine, the more response to the adverts we get. It’s why you’ll see the same advertisers appearing in the flyer, month after month. You’ll also find regular puzzle pages, recipes and food reviews too to add variety to our issues each month. We invest in our distribution team too.

We are the only free magazine in this area with a full time distribution staff dedicated to delivering the Flyer magazines in each of the eight titles we produce each month. Don’t forget that’s eight unique magazines being delivered by our full time staff each month to:- Felixstowe, Ipswich, Kesgrave, Woodbridge, Colchester, Brightlingsea, Bishop’s Stortford and Sawbridgeworth.

To find out about our free design service for your next advert and some of the most cost-effective advertising do call us on 01394 211461 or email adrian.bradshaw@flyeronline.co.uk We can also help you with super-fast printing at a competitive price – 5 days a week. Take a browse through all of our magazines which are also available on line each month via our website www.flyeronline.co.uk