Thurston and Ixworth Flyer June edition

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Flyer.

So here we are with edition 36, three years in, and I was hoping that by the time I reached this edition things would have settled down, but it seems that we are definitely living in interesting times. This does however give me a chance to say thank you to all the advertisers, readers, and contributors that support the Flyer because without you this would not exist. I am, however, struggling to get this editorial right and it’s my tenth one because I have been unhappy with everything so far.

Do I go with a happy “hey ho everything will be fine, happy birthday to the Flyer” or a sad “Yes it’s really bad and may get worse”, or something in between? I think the issue is that we are not “all in the same boat” and everyone is handling this differently with some being ok, some scared, and some terrified. I have seen the best and worst in people recently and I have been looking for a line to use here, for a long, while I went with “Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes” which is pretty spot on, but on reflection I think I’ll just use this one from the late Caroline Flack “In a world where you can be anything you want, Be Kind”

So thanks for reading, thanks for supporting the magazine, and I hope I can do a better editorial in better time’s next anniversary Stay safe, stay healthy, and soon I’ll see you around town.