Thurston and Ixworth Flyer July edition

Hello and welcome back to the Thurston and Ixworth Flyer July edition

So now lockdown is easing slightly and there are shops opening and people around I feel that things may
start to return to some normality. Obviously spacing, sneeze guards and face coverings are here for a while but
isn’t it great to walk into a store and get some good old fashion service.

Everyone is now slowly opening and getting ready for people to come to town, all trying their best in times of
great difficulty to keep the business going and serve their customers. Maybe we can all help, use the local
shops and business in the town, and a simple smile, Hello and Thank You doesn’t cost anything and it really will

This month inside we have that usual mix from the town, and yet another recipe from Sally Bycroft that’s bad
for my waistline, an interesting read from Purple Haze on the percentage of people leaving messages on business
phones, Alan Platt with his usual good words on business and words from Our Bury St Edmunds on the town

Welcome back, enjoy the magazine, stay safe, keep smiling and I’ll see you around Town.