The Stowmarket Flyer August 2020 

Citizens Advice here for people in Stowmarket

The impact of the coronavirus lockdown on people’s lives has been unprecedented.  Many people needed somewhere to turn for advice with their problems.  Citizens Advice have continued to offer free, independent advice and support throughout the pandemic.  Since April this year, the Citizens Advice network has helped 5,300 people in Suffolk.

We offer advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities on subjects including:

  • Benefits– if you are unsure about your entitlement to benefits, Citizens Advice can check on your behalf and make sure you are claiming everything you can claim to help you.
  • Employment Advice – We can advise you on your employment rights according to your written contract. If you do not have a written contract we can advise you about your statutory rights including minimum wage and holiday pay. We also provide advice on discrimination at work.
  • Money Advice & Debt – The Money Advice team at Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk can advise you on all aspects of debt and the course of action open to you. We can help with preparing a budget statement and negotiation with creditors.
  • Family & Relationship issues – We can advise you on all aspects regarding the family, including separation and divorce, maintenance and child support, parents rights and responsibilities, what to do when someone dies.
  • Housing – Our advisers are equipped with up to date knowledge on all aspects of housing including rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants, tenancies, housing benefit, rent problems, advice on eviction, and disputes with neighbours.

Carol Eagles, Chief Officer of Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk, said “We know the coronavirus crisis has been hard on many people, and perhaps some are struggling for the first time.  We want people in Stowmarket to know that you can turn to us.  We can help you over the phone, by email or by video call.  One of our clients said that it felt like having someone on their team for the first time in a long time.  Please contact us if you need help.”


Telephone: 01449 676060