The Sawbridgeworth June Flyer '20

The Sawbridgeworth June Flyer ’20

Sawbridgeworth Local Don ‘Elvis’ Fox sings every Thursday evening

Don with his friend Ben, a resident at St. Elizabeth’s – they are at the Church Langley Water Tower where Don has abseiled down – dressed as Elvis – to raise funds for St. Elizabeth’s

Sawbridgeworth resident Don Fox – aka ‘Elvis’ – started singing through his enjoyment of Flat Green Bowling (he is a member of Sawbridgeworth Bowling Club and a Life Member of Bishop’s Stortford Bowling Club and he also plays both regionally and for England)

He had been on a Hertfordshire County Bowls Tour to South Wales when after the match he had been invited to sing during the evening entertainment.

It all took off from then and he has been regularly singing after matches. He mostly sings at Bowls Clubs, usually to raise funds for the clubs or more often to raise money for charities.

He also sings every year at St. Elizabeth’s in Much Hadham for their Christmas Bazaar.

So now on Thursday evenings at 8pm (after he has set up his equipment on the pavement outside his house) he claps with everyone else on his road for the NHS and all key workers. Don’s wife Catherine works at the Bishop’s Park Surgery in Bishop’s Stortford as a receptionist.

After a period of clapping he then sings a few songs for about 20 minutes. On one occasion his wife Catherine also danced. One of her hobbies is Flamenco Dancing and she has been asked to dance again so it could happen another time.

The songs he sings are mainly from the 50’s and 60’s, including some Elvis (Don does an Elvis Tribute) but also included are some Neil Diamond, Cliff Richard, Fats Domino, Don Williams, Jim Reeves, Bobby Darren and more.

He hopes to try a Rod Stewart number and Don said to the Flyer “If you see the article, do drop by and give us a number Sir Rod”.

Don is doing this to raise spirits in the community and Social Distancing has been maintained.

If anyone would like to get in touch with Don please do so via this email: