Welcome to the Newmarket Flyer

Hello and welcome back to the Flyer, it has been quite a month since we launched and a big thank you for
reading and it was great to get some good positive feedback.

This month we have more from local businesses, another history piece from Dr Steven Parissien of the
national Horse Racing Museum and an important health piece to name but a few. There is even a recipe for
Newmarket cake, supplied by Simon at Nancy’s teashop, and I admit not one I have heard of, so I think it should
go on my “to bake” list. Things now seem to be changing after lockdown and there are more people around
and clubs and groups are starting to reopen. So if you have, or know of, a group or club that wants to get its message out then please feel free to
drop me a line and I try and publish all that I can.

But with things reopening slowly then now is the time to start supporting these businesses. The BID has started
the Shop local, save our high street campaign and I cannot stress enough that this is needed now more than

The High street is a central part of any town and Newmarket is lucky that it still has many independent
stores along with the big chains, and this offers you a great choice. Just walk along and look at what’s available,
there is everything from clothing to kitchens, jewellery to an afternoon tea it’s all there. So next time you need
something why not pop down the high street, or check them online, and see if you can support your local community
because you never know how much you’ll miss something until its gone. Don’t lose your high street.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the magazine and keep smiling!