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The Felixstowe Flyer September 2023

In The Felixstowe Flyer September, The Flyer September editions, we hear from local community groups, local schools as well as charity groups.

And other updates from local community groups, also local schools and organisations.

Kiosk Chronicles with Jackie

Show The Love This September Felixstowe

As new owners of The Dip Kiosk in Old Felixstowe, we thought we would kick off our new column ‘Kiosk Chronicles’ with a post about our wonderful Felixstowe Kiosks!

Local Beach kiosks not only provide a social lifeline for people to meet, they offer a short walk from the beach for a snack, and a much needed refreshment stop along our amazing coastal walk from The Ferry to the Martello Tower.

This year’s dismal summer weather combined with increased outgoings (and an energy crisis to boot!), will have had a pretty negative impact on visitor numbers, beach visitors and local small business… so before the sun sets on another coastal season, why not take some time to visit a local kiosk and give them some love before the weather turns and the kiosks close in late September/October.

5 Ways to help your local kiosk in Felixstowe

  • Share their social media posts – it’s totally free and gives local business a huge boost
  • Treat your nearest and dearest to a coffee, tea, ice cream or cake at your local kiosk. Not only do you get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside when something good happens… you’re also supporting a local kiosk.
  • Choose independent business over big chains. Local artisan providers will always need a little more local love.
  • Word of mouth – one of the best ways to help. Tell your friends and family and encourage them to take a lovely walk along the prom.
  • Write a review… it may convince new visitors to check out your recommendation for themselves. TripAdvisor and Google Reviews are great for the visibility of local business.

Kiosks can be found at The Dip, Brackenbury Cliffs, Bath Tap (Karon’s), Undercliffe Café (The Old Peter’s Kiosk) Martello Park (South Kiosk) and the  Viewing Point.

Here at The Dip we will be open all winter (weather permitting!), so feel free to support us all year round! Check out our opening times on our new website or check us out on

More next month with a bit of local history and some Autumn adventures!