Bury St Edmunds Flyer September 2020

Welcome to the September edition of The Bury St Edmunds Flyer.

Bury St Edmunds welcomes the literary world … via Twitter!

A Bury St Edmunds author played host to an online international book fair at the end of July. Rachel Churcher
welcomed twelve authors to the event, which took place on Twitter Live on July 25th.

“The Young Adult Literature Convention should have taken place at Olympia in London over the last
weekend in July,” Rachel explained. “But of course it was cancelled due to the pandemic. The organisers encouraged authors and publishers to
run online events instead.” Rachel recruited twelve indie and small-press authors, who took turns to give readings from their books, and
take questions from an international audience.

“Authors and readers from the UK, the US, Canada, and New Zealand took part in the event, which spanned eleven time zones and multiple genres.
We had readings from award-winning books, romance stories, fantasy novels, science fiction, thrillers, dystopian series, contemporary and historical

The event was a success, with all the authors able to engage with the audience and answer questions about their books. “The technology was kind
to us. I was expecting a computerbased emergency at some point during the day, but everything ran amazingly smoothly. Twitter is a brilliant platform
for socially distanced events like this – everyone was able to join in without leaving home.”

All the broadcasts remain online, and you don’t need a Twitter account to watch them! Follow the links at yalc.tallerbooks.com to find readings from
everyone who took part, along with links to all the books and information on the authors.
Who knows – you might find your new favourite book.

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