The Bishop's Stortford Flyer May 2020

The Bishop’s Stortford Flyer May 2020

The Bishop’s Stortford Flyer May 2020 Editor’s Letter

A Thank You from The Bishop’s Stortford Flyer

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Thank you to all the team at Flyer Press for making this happen.
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Thank you also to our supermarket workers, shopkeepers, delivery
drivers, emergency works, Town and District Council, teachers, utility
workers, transport workers and everyone that makes our community so

Please support each other and your neighbours along with the local
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Adrian and the team

Julie Marson MP

As a result of Covid-19 we are all experiencing huge changes to how we socialise, our routine and in principle our mental fitness. As a result, many people have contacted my office concerned about what effect the restrictions will have on themselves and their loved ones.

The world looks very different when we are told to stay inside and normal life is seemingly put on hold but there are many services out there, local and national, that can support each of us through this very challenging time.

The Charity MIND is offering fantastic advice for those at home who might be worried or feel anxious. This includes practical advice to follow as well as access to support networks. Do go to their website if you or someone you know may need a little bit of extra help.

We also have some other first-rate services working locally in Hertfordshire and is working with the NHS, Public Health and Hertfordshire County Council to address unprecedented challenges. Their Wellbeing Centres are of course closed but they have teams of professionals providing support through phone and skype each day. You can get in touch with them by calling 02037 273600 or emailing

It is not just mental health that is causing us concern, though, and with many in our community being asked to stay home for a minimum of 12 weeks, families and friends are rightly concerned about the levels of supplies these people have. Supermarkets and shops are of course operating as normal but waiting times for deliveries have in many instances become astronomical.  is there to help and if you know someone in need you should contact them immediately.

Services such as Meals on Wheels have become a vital source for many elderly or vulnerable residents and are available online or by phone at 0330 200 0103. If you have trouble getting through to them, please do contact my office immediately (see below) and we will do everything we can to find you the right support ourselves.

We are all in this together during this unprecedented crisis and beyond. We have seen the heroic work of our front-line NHS and care workers who case aside their safety each day for the sake of ours. As symbols of what community can be, I am astonishingly proud of every single one of our Hertfordshire heroes and also thank everyone who has stepped forward and answered the call for help.

There is more that we can all do, though, and last week I was contacted by the Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank who were very concerned about the supply levels of necessary food and drink such as long-lasting milk. Thankfully, Hertfordshire County Council has been able to plug some of the short-term supply gaps, but sustainability over the next few weeks and months will rely on the generosity of each of us. There are many ways to give and even just single-item donations go such a long way to providing for those most in need.

As the Prime Minister told us, we still have some way to go on this journey. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and the compassion being shown by everyone is a beacon of hope for the society we can become once we are through these extraordinary times.

In the meantime, I remain resolute in my commitment to supporting each of you in every way I can. Please do not hesitate to contact my office at

Julie Marson MP

Thank you message

I would like to say a very big ‘thank you’ to everyone for following the instructions on social distancing given by the Government.  Every decision being taken is based on expert advice and is designed to protect the NHS and keep us all safe and well.

At the heart of every decision is the protection of human life, but we have also acted to protect our economy – our businesses, employees, employers and the self employed – in a way and on a scale which is unprecedented in our country’s peacetime history. Whilst the schemes will not be able to support every single person or business in every circumstance, they are measures which, once this is all over, will provide the foundation from which our economy will bounce back.

My team and I have been busy: trying to get people home from far flung places, helping people and businesses access support, and lobbying ministers on specific issues. We have also been proactively reaching out to our councils, police, charities, farmers’ representatives, business leaders and health and social care providers.

The coordination of our local effort is being undertaken by East Herts District Council and Hertfordshire County Council and we have had thousands of people get in touch. Thank you all. And a particular thank you to everyone on the front line, working to keep our communities going, particularly in the NHS and social care.

Please get in touch if you need anything.  As always, I am on 01279 312 197 or