Stowmarket June’19

Stowmarket Wildlife Group – Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Bonny Wood Barking Tye
The dry weather has helped us to get on well with our winter work programme and the volunteers have cleared around the pond and created more scalloped ride edges to let in the sunlight. Richard Cage and his Virgin Media colleagues have done a great job in widening the ride we share with James Buckle’s part of the wood and now it is all done it looks fabulous.
A significant milestone was passed in February when the Mid Week Team coppiced the compartment by the field entrance: it was last done in the late 1980’s and this is the first area to be recut under the Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s stewardship of the wood. The hazel regrowth was really strong and it is great to see the wood really getting back into the cycle of coppice management with all the benefits for wildlife such as dormice, woodland birds, and butterflies that this brings. The management plan for Bonny is now up for revision and we look forward to bringing more of the wood into coppice rotation, cleaning out the pond again and continuing to improve the rides so they are more attractive to wildlife.
Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the RURAL AND WILDLIFE CRIME talk on
Wednesday 26 June. However, we have arranged another speaker

BACK TO BUTTERFLIES with Neil Dickinson
This is Neil’s personal story of how a boyhood interest in butterflies was renewed later in life and explains why. The talk contains surprises and humour but is also thought provoking because of its wider context.
The talk will take place at Stowupland village hall at 7.30pm
Admission is £2.50 including refreshments. The complete 2019 programme can be downloaded from or by email

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