August 2018

Central Surgery Sawbridgeworth


News from Central Surgery

August Bank Holiday Closures: Central Surgery will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday, 27th August.

Both Bell and Village Pharmacies will also be closed on Bank Holiday Monday, 27th August. They will be operating as normal on the other days. There will be notices posted on both Pharmacy doors informing where the nearest Pharmacy is that is open on Bank Holiday Monday.

Unattended Appointments for June 2108 at Central Surgery Sawbridgeworth : In June 2018, a total of 171 appointments were not attended at Central Surgery Sawbridgeworth. These appointments could have been used for patients who were in need of medical assistance. Instead, over 2763 minutes of surgery time was wasted. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please call the Surgery on 01279 603180 and notify that you are unable to attend. You can also cancel appointments via our online service. The appointment can then be offered to another patient.

Holiday Medication, Central Surgery Sawbridgeworth : With the holiday season now in full swing, please do make sure that you order enough of your medication, in plenty of time, to last for the whole time that you are away. Remember that it takes three whole working days to process your prescription.

Prescribed Medication Information from Central Surgery Sawbridgeworth : When you collect your medication from your nominated Pharmacy, you will also collect a copy of your prescription. It is a good idea to take this away on holiday with you so that you have with you a list of all of the medication that you are taking regularly.

ICE: (In Case of Emergency) App: Many of you are probably are familiar with storing your close family’s contact details under the contact name of ICE on your phone, but did you know that there is an app that you can add to your phone where you can include additional information such as Blood Group; Prescribed Medicines; Allergy Information plus any other information that may be useful if you are ever unfortunate enough to be rushed into hospital? There are several of these Apps. available. Choose the one that best suits you.

Our contact details are: Central Surgery Sawbridgeworth Bell Street, Sawbridgeworth CM21 9AQ Tel: 01279 603180 Fax: 01279 603189 Email: