July ’19

Saffron Walden’s Mayor’s report 

Saturday 1st June saw the ceremonial making of the Town Mayor.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and the crowds turned out to see me receive the chain of office followed by a Church service at St Mary’s Church.  Both Reverend Rachel Prior and Reverend John Goddard resided over the service. 

My chosen charities for 2019-20 are “Team Max” which is raising money for children’s services for Addenbrooke’s Hospital and I hope to raise specific funds towards a new Emergency Children’s Ambulance Service for Children in the East of England.  I, along with my wife Elaine, will also be raising funds and awareness of asbestosis. If you would like to make a donation please call in at the Town Council’s office at 11 Emson Close – all contributions gratefully received. 

Saffron Walden’s campaign to “Love Saffron Walden” continues and it has made a firm commitment to reduce the use of glyphosate agreeing to: 

1. Design or modify new features which minimise weed growth; 

2. Prevent weed growth by maintenance by carrying out routine sweeping, mulching, weeding by hoe or by hand where appropriate; 

3. Leave some areas to grow long, encouraging wildlife; 

4. Utilize alternative organic weed control methods; 

5. As a last resort and where all other methods have been followed, to use glyphosate in a very sparing manner 

6. Officers would seek alternative methods of weed control, in a move to cease the outright use of glyphosate. 

You will, therefore, start to see grass intentionally left to grow longer; this has already started along the Slade on The Common which is forming into a scenic, natural environment for our habitat. 

As part of the environmental campaign, we also ask all residents to help play their part by using bins and facilities provided.  Please pick up your litter and help us to help you in retaining Saffron Walden as a clean, tidy, environmentally friendly town. 

Councillor Arthur Coote 

Mayor of Saffron Walden