Local Matters – EU referendum in Felixstowe

John Goodwin comments on EU referendum in Felixstowe

EU referendum

This is the big election that everyone is talking about, will we stay or will we leave the European Union. Do we want to, or even would we be able, to stand on our own two feet if we leave Europe. David Cameron made a great deal about bringing our country more into line with what most of us voted for way back in 1973 which was of course trade. The trade aspect seems to have been swept away in most people’s minds by the £ 350 million a week that we pay to belong to Europe. Many people see this huge amount of money as something that we should be spending here at home and not bailing out the Euro and failed economies such as Greece. The immigration debate is another area where UK residents are fearful, we already have Romania and Bulgaria as members plus Turkey and Albania are wanting to join, they will be receiving aid not paying to join. Whatever our humanitarian views may be on mass immigration of mainly young men it is not working. Germany and Sweden alone have enormous problems of women being assaulted in public areas, the troubles during the Christmas/New Year celebrations in Cologne are said to be still happening, the media are just not reporting them. Come June the 24th we shall of course know our fate or fortune.

Reader’s Letters

I do not normally comment on Reader’s Letters in the Felixstowe Flyer and certainly have no intention of responding to Ms Cornforth’s ranting. I clearly recall sitting in the White Horse enjoying a meal and being accosted by Ms Cornforth shouting like a demented fish wife her views on Felixstowe Town council. I certainly have no desire of a repeat performance of that one thank you very much

Police and Crime Commissioner Election

By the time this issue of the Felixstowe Flyer is delivered the PCC election campaign will be in full swing. Last time these elections took place total apathy was the name of the game. Very few people voted, most residents had no idea what it was all about and most local councillors did not get involved. Here we are four years down the line and Tim Passmore is up for re-election, I of course would say that he has done a good job, Suffolk is still a very safe place to live. There is always a “but” and the Police Service we receive is no different from any other statutory service, they have to make savings and so things that we would like to see happen do not happen. The fact that we live in a very safe area is scant recompense when a car is vandalised or some other form of mindless activity has to be ignored.



Call me sad but I enjoy most things that appear on Facebook, there are of course a few people whose posts are less than gracious but on the whole I like it. There are several closed groups about our old industry, Road Haulage. The thing about these sites is the amount of companies no longer trading, all very sad. Other things to be seen on Facebook are some truly amazing photo’s taken by local residents on their mobile phones. We live in a beautiful area, how often do we stop and stare I wonder. Also on Facebook is the issue of the EU, I have to say there seems to be more “vote leave” posts than there are “vote stay”


Sometimes the task of trying to represent resident’s views as a County Councillor can be a little trying to say the least. However there are some real good things about the job, such as when we can help people and organisations. I greatly enjoy finding office furniture for organisations, the furniture is always on the redundant list and so is usually free of charge. I have found furniture for organisations as diverse as the CAB to the two Trimley Villages Halls. There is nothing quite like hard cash though and we get an annual allowance called Locality Funding which we can give to local organisations. During the last financial year I have helped various bodies ranging from the Girl Guides, to the Trimley Carnival to Level Two and others. The Felixstowe and Walton football club are currently fundraising for a new pavilion and to visit the ground is to realise just how badly they need a new pavilion. They are holding a Music on the Pitch fundraiser on Bank Holiday Monday plus other ongoing schemes to get the money. Currently we are forbidden to make any grants due to the PCC election but after that I will be making an allocation to the club.

Weed Spraying

Following the debacle over last year’s weed killing programme I was able to persuade the powers that be to reverse the programme so that our area was sprayed first instead of last. I am delighted to say this has worked and Trimley St Martin has had a start made on their weeds. I am unsure just how effective the treatment will be as the driver was reported to be in practice for a Formula One race!

Suffolk County Council Elections

These elections are due to be held in  2017 and an indication of this can be seen in last month’s labour articles, (so good they wrote them twice).  I am well aware that my grasp of the written word is far from exemplary but I do try to stick to the facts and certainly steer clear of untruths. Point one, The Household Waste Recycling Centre is run by Suffolk County Council not the District Council so criticise us not SCDC for imposed charges. Councillor Deacon has been a member of SCDC for many many years and really ought to know who does what. Point two, had labour members followed the correct procedure and reported their concerns to me I would have happily got the lighting officers out to check the lights. I did this with Inspector Gallant when he was in charge of the Felixstowe Police, sniping in the Flyer is not proper procedure. Point three, SCC does not have any Highways Committees and if we did we could do nothing about illegal parking, this is a police matter. I can certainly seek to get double yellow lines put in along the road outside of the Academy but parents still need to park somewhere until such time as students can be persuaded to walk or cycle to school. Point four, the Grove footpath was lost when SCDC made a road to the Grove car park and SCDC planners and SCC Rights of Way team  should have spotted the lack of footway when the GMC planning permission was granted.


The Queen’s 90th Birthday

I make no apologies for being a Royalist and hold her in the very highest esteem, in all the years of her reign she has never put a foot wrong. What an example to us all, duty first has been her watchword and long may she Reign Over us. God Bless Her Majesty

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