Kesgrave Flyers

The Kesgrave Flyer is a key part of the community in the Town of Kesgrave in Suffolk. A resident once described the Kesgrave Flyer as the glue that holds the people of Kesgrave together!

The Kesgrave Flyer is the place to find out what is going in Kesgrave and the nearby areas of Martlesham and Rushmere. This free monthly magazine for Kesgrave has circulation of over 6,500 and is delivered every month. This magazine for IP5 even has a Government Minister who writes a monthly column!

Adverts can be booked on a month to month basis you are not committed to advertising for the whole year. All our pages change each month and we have an unrivalled reputation for the very best coverage, news and opinion in Kesgrave.

The Kesgrave Flyer really is an asset to the local community.