September ’19

Stop the Ipswich Northern Bypass

A powerful new campaign group with the support of a growing number of parishes throughout both Mid-Suffolk and East Suffolk – “Stop the Ipswich Northern Bypass” – has been launched. The Group aims to bring to an end, once and for all, proposals for an Ipswich Northern Bypass.

Significant levels of concern have been raised with local MPs and Councillors about the potential devastating impacts the construction of an Ipswich Northern Route would cause to the Fynn Valley and beyond. The area to the north of Ipswich has high agricultural and environmental value and an Ipswich Northern Bypass, would be significantly detrimental to the natural environment and local habitats in one of Suffolk’s most beautiful areas of countryside.
With the Orwell bridge closed for, on average, only 2 days a year, there is scant evidence that a Northern Bypass will benefit either local businesses or traffic flow, and Suffolk County Council’s own traffic modelling indicates that the bypass will do little to ease traffic congestion in Ipswich itself.

Mid Suffolk and East Suffolk District Councils have already made plans for almost 10 years of future house building in Central and Eastern Suffolk. However, Suffolk County Council’s proposals appear to be little more than a thinly veiled attempt to concrete over one of the most beautiful parts of Suffolk by building a new town the size of Bury St Edmunds, with up to 20,000 new houses that are simply not needed, except as a means method of funding the new road.

The Stop! Ipswich Northern Bypass campaign was started by local residents, with the intention of bringing together all affected parties and working as one to halt the devastation these proposals will undoubtedly cause. Concerns are that if a road of this type were to go ahead, the countryside to the north of Ipswich would be ruined forever and quickly built over with substantial house-building, bringing with it thousands more cars and simply adding to the problem of congestion in and around Ipswich.

As your local MP, I have also lent my support to the Group as it seems to me that the current proposals are largely about extra house-building that is not needed, and have very little indeed to do with decongesting Ipswich.  There is little or no evidence to show that an Ipswich Northern Route, or Bypass – call it what you will, will do anything to reduce traffic congestion in Ipswich.  With the road likely to cost in the region of £1 billion, I would far rather see that investment going to support our local public services, such as Ipswich Hospital.

For further information, please visit or follow the Group on Twitter @stopthebypass and Instagram @stopthebypass

Dr Dan Poulter