November ’19


Scout Christmas Post

Felixstowe and Ipswich

The service has been provided for many years and is now operated by eleven scout groups and will be running again this year.  We have unfortunately had to increase the cost to 30p per card which is still a great saving compared to the 61p per card charged the Royal Mail.

The post boxes will be available from Monday 25th November until Tuesday 10th December 2018 mostly at the usual spots.  The full list will be available on the website from mid-November.

The Scout Groups who are taking part are from Felixstowe, Ipswich, Claydon, Kesgrave, Martlesham and Grundisburgh will be delivering cards in and around the following areas: –

Felixstowe, Walton, Trimley st Mary, Trimley st Martin, Kirton and Falkenham, Ipswich (Postcodes IP1 – IP5), Kesgrave, Rushmere, Martlesham Heath, Grundisburgh, Great and Little Bealings, Playford, Pinewood, Claydon, Bramford, Great Blakenham, Barham, Henley, Westerfield, Witnesham, Tuddenham.

Please use the “Road Delivery Checker” on the website to verify that the road you require is covered, especially in the villages.  We are not able to deliver to any other location.  So long as the full address and post code are on the envelope clearly, we will make every endeavour to deliver the card by Christmas Eve.

When posting cards into the post boxes, please bundle them up into a packet along with enough money for the number of cards.

Last year the service delivered over 105,000 cards.  The first year there was just one group and then gradually other groups started their own service.  The groups gradually got together to form one big service to cover a larger area.   The revenue from the service is a very good source of funds for the following groups: – 7th Felixstowe, 4th Ipswich, 2nd Ipswich, 18th Ipswich, 31st/9th Ipswich, 1st Ipswich, 1st Claydon, 1st Martlesham, 1st Kesgrave, 1st Grundisbugh and 1st Westerfield.

These groups would especially like to thank the shops and businesses that allow post boxes to be placed in their premises along with everybody who uses the service to deliver their cards to friends and family.

Further information is available via the web site    If anybody has any further questions we can be contacted via the web site or on 0845 643 5889.