Feb 17 2022


7:30 pm

Holding the Line: The Women of Sutton Hoo

The story of Sutton Hoo seems to be about one man and one woman more than a thousand years apart. Or is it more accurately really about the treasure buried with one man unearthed at the request of one woman? How much do we know about Edith Pretty, the woman on whose land the treasure was uncovered? And how much is known about the society ruled over by the man, Redwald?

In February Woodbridge Library hosts a talk about the women of Sutton Hoo. Join Sally Sibley, a National Trust volunteer who leads guided walks at Sutton Hoo, as she unfolds the story of some of the women involved with this enigmatic Anglo-Saxon royal burial site. Using a combination of words, images and replica artefacts, Sally will describe something of the culture of the people who lived close to Sutton Hoo in the 7th century. She will talk about the roles and responsibilities of the women of the time and also about the significant achievements by women working there in the 20th century.

Sally’s talk is entitled Holding the Line: The Women of Sutton Hoo and takes place at Woodbridge Library on Thursday 17 February at 7.30pm. It is part of the programme of events organised by the Friends of Woodbridge Library (FOWL). Tickets cost £5 and can be booked at the Library or on 01394 330855. Proceeds will go partly to the National Trust and partly to the work of FOWL.

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