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Jun 13 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Bravery & Womanhood

**Superb** **Inspirational** **Yes, I definitely laughed!** **Just go, you won’t regret it** **Insightful, really insightful** **Surprising!** **Really funny but also serious** **Absorbing**
In 2020, whilst fat, funny and forty-sob-sob-sob-something-years-old, Person Irresponsible, academic and author, walked from Mexico to Canada. Alone. For reasons she’s still not certain about.
Along the way, and very much after, she learnt a ton of stuff about fear and womanhood: stuff she wished she’d known about by the time she’d turned four – the age she commenced her initial journey into anxiety.
Topics include:
– Why are women twice as likely to have fears than men?
– Why are women considered ‘brave’ for doing exactly the same thing as men do?
– Can bravery be taught?
– Why is anxiety so addictive?
– What exactly does one do when faced with a grumpy bear?
All welcome above the age of 16
I’ve been asked to point out that men are very welcome! Especially men who are fathers of girls, or teachers/support workers of girls/women.
£12pp (pay in advance on Eventbrite or on the door on the night!)
– bring your own refreshments!
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