Ginkgo Tree Surgery Ltd

Business Details

Ginkgo Tree Surgery Ltd was founded in 2012 By Mr Steven Markham.

Ginkgo Tree Surgery offers a wide range of services including:- Crown reductions using target pruning methods, leaving the tree in a healthy state with a natural balanced crown.

Pollarding, Removing the entire crown of the tree back to appropriate growth points of the trees framework. This technique is often used on street trees or trees which have out grown their surroundings.

Crown Lifting. Removing the lower limbs of the tree to allow better pedestrian access, remove limbs away from property or garden buildings.

Crown Thinning. Removing limbs from the integral part of the crown to allow more light to pass through the tree, removing and dead wood or crossing rubbing branches.

Fire wood processing. We own a road tow able 22 ton petrol log splitter so we can process any trees which we fell on site, enabling the client to keep their tree for fire wood.

Stump Grinding.

Business Contact

Contact Name Mr Steven Markham

Business Phone Number

Phone 07934384501

Business Address Details

Address 1 Meadow Close
Trimley St Martin