January ’20


News and Views from Bury St Edmunds Town Council

Pavement Repairs

Earlier this year we highlighted the specific budget put aside to fund some of the repairs to pavements and public spaces that Suffolk County Council was unable to do within its own budgetary constraints. Since then, repairs totalling nearly £82,000 have been carried out in Acacia Avenue, Anselm Avenue, Eagle Walk, Fornham Road, Fulcher Close, Hickling Drive, Mayfield Road, Norfolk Road, Oakes Road, Parkington Walk, St Andrews
Street North, St Olaves Road, Symonds Road and York Road. Further works have also been approved (to the tune of £98,000) and these are due to be carried out at the end of 2019 or early 2020 in Abbot Road, Clare Close, Floyd Road, Hodson Close, Home Farm Lane, Hunter Road, Lake Avenue, Lincoln Green, Rembrandt Way, Hosbrook Close, St Olaves Road, Steward Road, Whiting Street and Winchester Road.

There is still money in the budget so If you need pavement repairs in your road contact your Ward Councillor or the Town Council Offi ces (see contact details at the end).

Allotment Competition 2019

It is such a pleasure to be able to congratulate the winners in the 2019 Allotments competition which is held annually and seeks to reflect the hard work put in by tenants, new and old. In fact, there are two primary awards: ‘Best Allotment Plot’ and ‘Best Newcomer Allotment’. Judging was carried out by a small dedicated group of professionals (in horticulture and similar fields) and laypeople, which added a different dynamic
to the overall judging experience. Points were awarded for various elements such as the range and extent of cultivation of crops, the control of weeds and rubbish, creativity (an interesting category), environmental activities such as rainwater harvesting and composting, general appearance and compliance with tenancy
terms and conditions.

Winners names are on the Allotments Competition page of our website

Although there is still a waiting list for all allotment sites, please contact us if you would like more information about taking on the tenancy of an allotment.

Meetings Schedule
Residents are invited to attend any of our meetings and, if they wish, to speak about or ask questions about any item(s) on the agenda. Visit the ‘What’s On’ page of our website to download the agenda for each meeting (only available a few days before the meeting).
The meetings schedule for the next few months is shown below and is available on the ‘Meetings & Committees’ page of the Council’s website:
January 2020
08 6:30pm Planning Licensing and Finance Committee
22 6:00pm Planning Licensing and Finance Committee
7:00pm Full Town Council
February 2020
12 6:30pm Planning Licensing and Finance Committee
26 6:00pm Planning Licensing and Finance Committee
7:00pm Full Town Council
Grant Funding & Locality Budget Funding
Grants and locality budget funding awards totalling £10,280 have been awarded
to projects that benefi t the residents of the Town:
Grant funding and Locality budget funding are available – for more details
please visit the Finance page of our website www.burystedmunds-tc.gov.uk/
home/fi nance/. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us
(see ‘Ways to contact us’ below).
Ways to Contact Us
Email: info@burystedmunds-tc.gov.uk
Tweet us @bstetc
Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/Bury-St-Edmunds-Town-
Telephone us on (01284) 725111 (option 2)
Write to us or visit us at the Town Council Offi ces, 7 Angel Hill,
Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1UZ