Flyer Online Blog : December 2015

Superoute 66

SUPEROUTE 66 SERVING THE LOCAL COMMUNITY For those of us of a certain age, Route 66 meant the 1960’s American TV series, running to 116 episodes featuring a duo of glamorous young men in an iconic open topped car having weekly adventures along the famed historic route, also known as ‘Will Rogers Highway’, crossing the […]

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Ipswich Waterfront

Ipswich Waterfront has been described as ‘like Monte Carlo’. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, (we don’t have a casino!) but, on a bright, sunny day, with all the boats’ masts lightly flapping, and people of all ages walking or sitting at the cafes, there is certainly a romance about it. We even have the […]

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Things to do in Levington

Things to do in Levington There are many things to do in Levington with several events coming up in Levington during December.  KEEP CALM and sing CHRISTMAS CAROLS!   If the busy run up to Christmas gets too much come to St. Peter’s Church and wind down for an hour and join in the traditional Levington […]

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